Map of visitation zone. Image: Københavns Politi (Copenhagen Police).

Police introduce search zone in parts of Copenhagen

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The police have introduced a search zone in parts of Nørrebro and Copenhagen’s Northwest Quarter.

It is the assumption of Copenhagen Police that several of the recent stabbings are due to a dispute between two criminal groups.

Furthermore, it cannot be ruled out that Monday’s shooting in Jægersborggade is a retaliatory action for previous incidents.

In order to put maximum pressure on the groups and prevent new incidents, the Copenhagen Police will therefore establish a search zone in the area valid from Wednesday 8 February at 6:00 p.m. to Wednesday 22 February at 6:00 p.m. Here, the police have expanded opportunities to search people and examine vehicles to find any weapons.
The visitation zone applies to the area limited by: Peblinge Dossering – Sortedam Dossering – Fredensgade – Tagensvej – Jagtvej – Lersø Parkallé – Tuborgvej – Bispebjergvej – Orgelbyggervej – Rådvadsvej – Utterslevvej – Hareskovvej – Borups Allé – Bispeengbuen – Ågade – Åboulevard – Peblinge Dossering.

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