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Police establish visitation zone in parts of Copenhagen

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The Police have established a visitation zone in parts of Nørrebro and Nordvest after several serious stabbings in recent days.

In a visitation zone, the police may search people, examine clothes and other objects, including cars, without there being a reasonable suspicion beforehand. The purpose of the search zone is to provide security for citizens in the specified area by, among other things, ensuring that persons do not carry or possess weapons.

The visitation zone is bounded by Peblinge Dossering – Sortedam Dossering – Fredensgade – Tagensvej – Haraldsgade – Lersø Parkallé – Tuborgvej – Bispebjergvej – Orgelbyggervej – Rådvadsvej – Utterslevvej – Hareskovvej – Borups Allé – Bispeengbuen – Ågade – Åboulevard – Peblinge Dossering.

It is valid from today, 29 december 2022 at 18.00 until Thursdag 5 january 2023 at 18.00 with the possibility of extension.

The visitation zone. Image: Københavns Politi.

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