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Broad majority strengthens efforts against social dumping

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A broad majority in the Danish Parliament has reached an agreement to strengthen efforts against social dumping in the Danish labor market.

The majority consists of the government (Social Democrats, Venstre, and Moderates), Danmarksdemokraterne, Socialist People’s Party, Red-Green Alliance, Danish Social Liberal Party, Danish People’s Party, and The Alternative.

The agreement includes the possibility to stop contractors who repeatedly and seriously violate the rules, better control over housing rented by employers to their employees, and enhanced efforts against the use of illegal labor in Danish workplaces.

“We will not accept some companies repeatedly putting their employees at risk. Now the Labour Inspectorate will have some extra tools. This should help stop the bad apples and ensure proper conditions in Danish workplaces. This benefits both employees and the many companies that play by the rules,” says Minister of Employment, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen.


The agreement targets social dumping in nine areas:

  • Intensified inspection and contractor stop
  • Housing inspection
  • Enhanced efforts against illegal labor
  • Industry-specific efforts against pseudo self-employment
  • Closer cooperation in complex social dumping cases
  • Preventive efforts through widespread knowledge of rules and rights, etc., in the Danish labor market
  • IT improvements in RUT (Danish Register of Qualified Foreigners)
  • Industry-specific efforts in selected sectors
  • State Control Unit for Employment Clauses

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