Photo: Rolf Larsen.

Bikers Rally in Copenhagen and Aarhus Against Bans and for the Right to Bear Patches

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Bikers from several different motorcycle clubs are demonstrating today in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Behind the demonstration is Bikerfonden, which includes the biker clubs Bandidos MC and Hells Angels MC among its members.

According to the invitation, the attending bikers are protesting against, among other things, the criminalization of clubs and the closure of clubhouses, arbitrary roadside checks, the registration of individuals in the community, and for the right to be able to go anywhere wearing their characteristic vests with back patches.

That the demonstration is happening now is probably no coincidence. Authorities are working to dissolve Bandidos MC under Article 78 paragraph 2 of the Constitution, which states “Associations that operate by or seek to achieve their goals by violence, incitement to violence, or similar criminal influence on others shall be dissolved by judgment.” But it is expected that even before summer, the authorities will impose a so-called administrative ban on Bandidos MC.

Bikerfonden consists of 17 clubs, which besides Bandidos and Hells Angels also include clubs such as ‘Cobra’ and ‘Devils Choice’, as well as clubs like ‘Rotterne’, ‘Gribene’, ‘No Name’, and the Christian motorcycle club ‘Exodus’.

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