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Minced beef cause of salmonella outbreak

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51 people in Denmark since March confirmed infected with the same type of Salmonella, and analyses from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, the Statens Serum Institut, DTU Food Institute, and from the Danish importer now show that the source of infection is beef from England.

The meat is imported and minced at Danish Hilton Foods and sold in Coop’s stores. Some of the minced meat has exceeded the expiration date and is no longer in stores, but consumers may still have it in the freezer. Other minced meat has been in stores until yesterday, and authorities advise consumers to discard the meat or return it to the store where it was purchased.

The recalled foods are:

Hakket Oksekød 8-12% 450 g

EAN: 5700380825600

Hakket Oksekød 8-12% 500 g

EAN: 5700381638551

Hakket Oksekød 8-12% 600 g

EAN: 5700382774388

Hakket Oksekød 8-12% 250 g

EAN: 5700380838990

 Hakket Oksekød 8-12% 1200 g


Hakket Oksekød 5-8% 700 g

EAN: 5700384578472

Hakket Oksekød 5-8% 700 g


 Hakket Oksekød 8-12% 250 g

EAN: 5700380838990

Hakket Oksekød 14-18% 400 g

EAN: 5715348033652

Hakket Oksekød 4-7% 400 g

EAN: 5700382238569

Hakket Oksekød 14-18% 400 g

EAN: 5715348033652

Hakket Oksekød 14-18% 800 g

EAN: 5715348086276

Production date: From March 12 to May 6

Last usage date: From March 11 to May 13 (be aware that as a consumer, you may have frozen the product)


Hakkebøffer 225 g

EAN: 5700383456146

Production date: 26.03.2024

Last usage date: 02.04.2024

Facts about Salmonella

Infection with salmonella typically causes general discomfort, diarrhea, stomach pain, possibly nausea, vomiting, and fever. The infection often accompanies joint pain, muscle aches, and headache. Adequate fluid intake is important to prevent and treat dehydration due to diarrhea and vomiting. Typically, symptoms of salmonella are mild and resolve on their own. If persistent symptoms occur, consult your own doctor.

How to avoid getting infected with salmonella:

  • Wash hands before starting to cook and after handling raw meat
  • Avoid tasting raw meat, e.g., meatball mixture
  • Keep raw meat separate from ready-to-eat food, e.g., salad
  • Thoroughly cook minced meat

Source: Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

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