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Danish Industry Terminates Collaboration With Copenhagen Pride

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Employer and business organization Danish Industry (DI) has chosen to terminate its formal collaboration with the organization Copenhagen Pride.

According to a press release from DI, the reason is that “the organization’s work on diversity and inclusion is overshadowed by increased politicization, which divides rather than unites people.”

“For years, DI has been proud partners and active participants in Copenhagen Pride because we desire a more diverse and inclusive society where everyone, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, political beliefs, and ethnicity, has equal opportunities to express themselves freely, safely, and with mutual respect. With the increased politicization we have experienced this year, it is our perception that Copenhagen Pride is not currently the inclusive community it was originally intended to be. Therefore, we have chosen to withdraw our formal support for the organization this year,” says Kinga Szabo Christensen, Director of Advisory at DI.

However, DI leaves the door open to supporting Copenhagen Pride again. According to Kinga Szabo Christensen, this can happen if “the Pride organization can ensure a full focus on the rights of sexual minorities and inclusion in the future.”


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