Photo: Rasmus B. S. Hansen / Tivoli.

Tivoli Gospel Festival: 2,300 Singers Unite for 15th Edition Celebration

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This weekend, 2,300 gospel singers will gather for the 15th edition of the Tivoli Gospel Festival.

It will undoubtedly be a festive occasion as 37 gospel choirs from across the country come together on Saturday and Sunday to celebrate the joy of singing and community with concerts throughout Tivoli in Copenhagen.

Among the many gospel choirs is Gospel Choir FAITH from Kongens Lyngby, which, with 140 singers, is the largest gospel choir. From Hillerød comes Old Stars, a choir for seniors, with the youngest member being 60 years old and the oldest being 92 years old. Grenaa Gospel Choir is also participating, as well as AmaZing from Rønne.

-“It is a great pleasure to welcome another round of our beloved gospel festival in the heart of Tivoli. It’s a celebration of gospel music and the joy of singing, but also of the wonderful community that arises when we sing together. I look forward to sharing this fantastic weekend with choirs and audiences, and hope that the festival will bring joy and inspiration to us all,” says Mads Holm Andersen, coordinator of the Tivoli Gospel Festival.

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