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Børsen Building: A Historic Icon with a Twisted Tale

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Børsen is a building on Slotsholmen in Copenhagen. Construction began around 1619 and was completed in 1623. However, the eastern gable was not finished until 1640.

The building was erected as a trading post by King Christian IV with architects Lorenz van Steenwinckel and Hans van Steenwinckel the Younger.

It served as a commodity exchange until the 19th century and housed the Copenhagen Stock Exchange until 1974.

The Stock Exchange is considered one of the finest examples of Dutch Renaissance architecture in Denmark.

Today, the building is owned by the Danish Chamber of Commerce, serving as an office building and headquarters for one of the country’s largest business and employer organizations.

In particular, the building’s twisted spire has attracted tourists’ interest. The spire was designed as four dragon tails intertwining with each other. However, during Tuesday’s fire, the spire collapsed to the ground and so did large part of the building.

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