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Remember to Spring Forward: Daylight Saving Time Begins in Denmark

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It is tonight that the clocks are to be set to daylight saving time – but how exactly is it done, should the clock be set forward or backward?

Daylight saving time was permanently introduced in Denmark in 1980 to make better use of the summer daylight in the evenings and thus save energy. Since then, the clocks have had to be adjusted twice a year between daylight saving time and standard time.

On Sunday night, the clocks are to be set to daylight saving time by moving the clock forward one hour. You can remember this by thinking of putting garden furniture forward for summer. When it’s time to set the clock back to standard time, you can remember it by thinking of moving the garden furniture backward – and therefore also the clock.

So, when the clock strikes 02:00 on Sunday night, the clock should be set forward one hour to 03:00.

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