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Copenhagen Municipality Launches ‘Charter for Nightlife Without Discrimination’ Initiative

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The Municipality of Copenhagen is launching a new initiative aimed at enabling partygoers to enjoy the Copenhagen nightlife without fear of experiencing discrimination.

The initiative, named the ‘Charter for a Nightlife Without Discrimination,’ (’Charter for et natteliv uden diskrimination’) consists of three concrete measures that commit participating stakeholders to work towards a nightlife where guests’ rights and dignity are respected. Nightclubs, venues, restaurants, and similar establishments can voluntarily sign up for the charter.

-“We have a shared responsibility to address discrimination in nightlife. Therefore, together with industry organizations, restaurateurs, and representatives of minority organizations, we have created the ‘Charter for a Nightlife Without Discrimination.’ It’s not a quick fix, but it’s a step in the right direction, so that together we can eradicate discrimination in Copenhagen nightlife,” says Mia Nyegaard (RV), Mayor of Culture and Leisure.

Among others, the industry organization Danish Restaurants & Cafes, DRC, has been involved in developing the charter.

-“We believe that dialogue and prevention are the way forward to address the challenges that may exist in nightlife. Therefore, we are pleased to have been involved in developing a tool like the charter. It is our hope that the industry widely supports it and signs up for the ‘Charter for a Nightlife Without Discrimination’ as soon as possible,” says Birgitte Wad, ESG Manager at DRC.

Although the charter is officially launched next Monday, February 19, several restaurateurs have already signed up. One of them is the electronic venue Culture Box.

-“At Culture Box, we put a lot of effort into ensuring that everyone can have a good experience when they visit us. We are part of the ‘Charter for a Nightlife Without Discrimination’ because we believe it is important to qualify efforts across the capital’s nightlife stakeholders so that together we can further improve promoting positive behavior and creating even better music and cultural experiences for the audience,” says Mia Dalby Thorup, Community Manager at Culture Box.

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