Mike Villa Fonseca. Foto: Marie Hald.

Mike Fonseca to Return to Folketinget After Sick Leave

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Member of Parliament Mike Fonseca returns to the Danish Parliament after his four-month sick leave.

Fonseca was expelled from his party, the Moderates, when it emerged that he was in a relationship with a 15-year-old girl whom he had met when she was in 8th grade. In a post on Altinget.dk, he writes that he is still together with his girlfriend and that he is in love with her.

He further writes:

“Rules become strangely irrelevant when a couple loves each other. It may be crazy. But love doesn’t follow the rules. Love has a plan for each of us, and love makes us blind.”

Mike Fonseca denies in the post that the commotion surrounding his love life was the reason for his sick leave, but admits that it was probably “a small factor”.

The Midt- and Vestsjælland Police dropped the investigation against Mike Fonseca for grooming at the end of last month, as there was no suspicion that any criminal activity had occurred.

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