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Police Intensify Focus on Vulnerable Road Users: Increased Checks on Cyclists and Moped Riders This Week

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This week, the police are placing extra emphasis on vulnerable road users.

Pedestrians, cyclists, and moped riders are considered vulnerable road users, and for this group, the risk of injury increases when traffic laws are not followed. According to the National Police, 23 cyclists and 9 moped riders were killed in traffic accidents in 2022, with an additional 810 cyclists and 221 moped riders injured.

In some of the accidents, risky behavior by cyclists and moped riders was a contributing factor. This could include illegal mopeds traveling at high speeds, posing a significant risk to both the rider and other road users. Additionally, high speeds often create unease for cyclists and pedestrians on bike paths and sidewalks, where noise disturbances can also be irritating to nearby residents. Another risk factor is cyclists and moped riders running red lights, riding on sidewalks, in pedestrian zones, and not showing consideration for other road users.

“With our checks, we enhance traffic safety. Vulnerable road users are less protected, less visible, and some exhibit risky behavior in traffic. Our goal is to create a sense of security on the roads, and with these initiatives, we contribute to accident prevention,” says Police Assistant Christian Berthelsen, from the National Police Communication Department.

The targeted efforts against vulnerable road users, primarily focusing on cyclists and moped riders, are being carried out by the majority of the country’s police districts from today until Sunday.

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