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Heightened Drone Regulations Implemented for Royal Succession Event in Copenhagen

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There are heightened rules for drone flying in connection with Sunday’s royal succession.

From Sunday at 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM, a temporary circular no-fly zone has been established centered around Kgs. Nytorv for security reasons.

Within this area, only DR, TV 2, Military Photography at the Gardehusarregimentet, the Capital Region Preparedness, as well as the police, are permitted to use drones. No permissions will be granted for drone flights by other operators within the restricted area during the specified time frame.

The area, with Kgs. Nytorv as the center, has a radius of 1 nautical mile (approximately 1.8 km) and extends up to 500 feet (approximately 150 meters). This zone also covers the procession route between Christiansborg and Amalienborg, as well as City Hall Square.

These restrictions can also be found on NOTAM via, providing drone operators and pilots with a reliable source for staying informed.

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