Pernille Vermund. Photo: Marie Hald.

Danish National Conservative Party, Nye Borgerlige, Announces Dissolution Citing Concerns Over Growing Fragmentation in Political Arena

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The National Conservative Party Nye Borgerlige (New Right) Dissolves.

That’s what the party’s founder and leader, Pernille Vermund, tells on her Facebook page.

The reason is, according to Pernille Vermund, that there are too many conservative parties in Denmark.

“When we founded the New Right eight years ago, there were four conservative parties. Today, there are seven. And with two active seats in the New Right’s parliamentary group, we not only risk working ourselves to pieces but also being the ones hindering a conservative majority and thus a conservative prime minister. We cannot defend that”, writes Pernille Vermund and adds:

“Therefore, Kim Edberg Andersen and I have today informed the New Right’s board that we recommend dissolving the New Right’s parliamentary group and dissolving the party. The board has chosen to follow our recommendation and will plan the practical work in the coming time”.

The Nye Borgerlige is a national-conservative and economically liberal Danish political party. The party was founded in the fall of 2015 by Pernille Vermund and Peter Seier Christensen and entered the Folketing for the first time in 2019.

Pernille Vermund has not yet decided whether she will continue in another conservative party, and if she does, which one.

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