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Denmark Braces for Storm ‘Pia’ with Potential Hurricane-Force Winds

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On Thursday evening, Denmark will be hit by the storm ‘Pia,’ which in some areas is expected to bring hurricane-force gusts, according to a warning issued by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) on Tuesday evening.

A powerful low-pressure system is projected to move from the Norwegian Sea to the Oslo Fjord on Thursday and then further into Sweden. South of the storm’s center, strong winds are forecasted to intensify.

DMI warns that along the northwest coasts of Denmark, there may be storm-force winds with gusts reaching hurricane strength. The coastal regions, in particular, will experience the strongest winds, but there will also be strong gusts inland.

Increased Water Levels

Due to the strong winds, elevated water levels are anticipated.

In the Wadden Sea, a water level 250-350 cm above daily averages is expected on Friday morning. In the central part of the West Coast on Friday morning, it is forecasted to be 190-240 cm above daily averages, in the Limfjord, Kattegat, Storebælt, and the northern part of Øresund during Friday, 130-160 cm above daily averages, and in Isefjorden and Roskilde Fjord, 140-180 cm above daily averages.

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