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3F Transport Initiates Sympathy Strike Against Tesla in Support of IF Metall’s Conflict

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The union 3F Transport has announced the commencement of a sympathy strike against Tesla, aligning with the ongoing conflict between the Swedish union IF Metall and Tesla.

This move follows six weeks of IF Metall’s struggle to secure a collective agreement for workers at Tesla’s facilities in Sweden, as reported by 3F Transport in a press release.

Jan Villadsen, the president of 3F Transport, stated, “IF Metall and the Swedish workers are currently engaged in an incredibly important battle. When they seek our support, we naturally stand in solidarity. Just as businesses operate globally, the labor movement is global in its fight to protect workers. With the sympathy strike, we are intensifying pressure on Tesla. We hope they come to the negotiating table as soon as possible and agree to a collective agreement.”

“Even if one is among the wealthiest in the world, one cannot simply make their own rules. We have agreements in the Nordic labor market, and those must be adhered to if you want to do business here. Solidarity is the cornerstone of the labor movement, extending across national borders. Therefore, we are now utilizing the tools we have to ensure collective agreements and fair working conditions,” added Jan Villadsen.

All members of 3F Transport will be affected by the sympathy strike. This means that dockworkers and drivers will not handle or transport Tesla’s cars destined for Sweden.

Speculation had arisen earlier about Tesla delivering their cars to Danish ports and transporting them by truck to Sweden after Swedish dockworkers blocked the receipt of Tesla cars in Sweden. However, with the sympathy strike, this model is no longer feasible.

3F Transport has informed that on Monday, they sent their sympathy strike notice to the Danish Employers’ Association.

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