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Danish Government Proposes Historic Defense Strengthening with Investments in Air Defense and Personnel Enhancement

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The government is proposing investments in air defense and strengthening recruitment and retention in its proposal for the first partial agreement under the Defense Agreement 2024-2044.

-“We are facing a historic strengthening of the Danish defense. A crucial part of this effort will be the strengthened recruitment, retention, and education of Defense personnel. Therefore, the government proposes a series of concrete initiatives to ensure that we have the right personnel in sufficient numbers for the future defense. It is crucial that we build resilience in the organization before we can scale up as desired with many new equipment acquisitions,” says Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen.

To strengthen recruitment and retention, the government proposes, among other things, the training of unskilled personnel from the constable and sergeant groups, who can be employed as military apprentices with a salary. A strengthened staffing system with more targeted strategic management of personnel resources. Mobility-promoting measures such as compensation for flexibility among employees and reducing the time spent on administration, transportation, etc., for the Home Guard volunteers in favor of solving operational tasks.

In the partial agreement, the government also proposes investments in military capabilities of approximately DKK 6.5 billion, where short-range air defense for the Army’s brigade is among the central initiatives. Air defense units for the brigade are intended to provide better protection against airborne threats.

There are also plans for investments in short-range air defense missiles and torpedoes for the Navy. Short-range air defense missiles are the primary means against incoming missiles and hostile drones and typically form part of a comprehensive air defense system, while torpedoes are the most effective way to combat submarines.

-“With these initiatives, we are now beginning to implement the funds that the government, together with the parties in the Folketing, has allocated to strengthen the Danish defense. Air defense for the Navy and the Army should contribute to a higher degree of compliance with selected NATO force goals. These are important first steps in the defense agreement that will equip the Defense for the future,” says Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen.

In total, the government proposes allocating approximately DKK 13 billion for the implementation of the first partial agreement.


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