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Taxis have seen a greater price increase than other forms of transportation

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If you find that taking a taxi has become expensive, it might not be entirely wrong. Data from Statistics Denmark shows that Taxis are the mode of transportation that has seen the most significant price increase since 2016.

Overall, the cost of transportation has risen more than consumer prices in general since 2016. This applies to transportation services, including various modes such as buses, subways, trains, planes, ferries, and taxis, as well as expenses related to owning a car. Domestic flights are the only mode of transportation that has decreased in price during this period.

-“From September 2016 to September 2023, consumer prices have increased by 17.2 percent, while it has become 29.9 percent more expensive to take a taxi. In total, transportation services have increased by 18.1 percent,” says Asla Husgard, an official at Statistics Denmark.

In addition to the rising cost of hailing a taxi, the price of boarding a ferry or a plane departing from Denmark has increased more than the consumer price index from September 2016 to the same month this year. International flights and ferries have risen by 24.1 and 21 percent, respectively.

During the same period, public transportation has increased by 11.3 percent for buses, 10.2 percent for trains, and 15.5 percent for the subway, all of which have risen less than consumer prices in general.

Car owners have also experienced an increase in the cost of driving a car more than consumer prices in general. When calculating the combined cost of owning a car, the price increase is 21.6 percent from September 2016 to the same month this year.

-“Especially the price of gasoline and diesel has been high for the past year and a half, and it naturally affects the cost of being a car owner,” says Asla Husgard.

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