C-130 Hercules. Photo: Thomas Blanke, Flyvevåbnets Fototjeneste

Danish Hercules Aircraft Evacuates 82 Danish Citizens from Israel

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A Danish C-130 Hercules aircraft landed Friday night at the airport in Cyprus on Saturday evening with the first 82 evacuated Danish citizens from Israel.

This information was provided by the Ministry of Defense.

The evacuation operation is being led and coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The 82 Danes were picked up at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and flown to Paphos Airport in Cyprus.

“Tonight, the Defense Hercules aircraft completed the first evacuation flight from Tel Aviv to Cyprus with Danish citizens. From Cyprus, the evacuation will continue to Denmark using civilian aircraft under the guidance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Over the weekend, we plan to conduct additional flights using either chartered civilian aircraft or Defense C-130 aircraft to evacuate Danish citizens who have requested assistance in leaving Israel,” said Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen.

Additional flights are scheduled for the weekend.

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