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Copenhagen Police Extend Stop-and-Search Zones and Bans on Hells Angels Clubhouse Visits

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Copenhagen Police have decided to extend the stop-and-search zones and the prohibition of staying in three Hells Angels clubhouses in Copenhagen.

The police believe that there is still a need to maintain the heightened efforts in the ongoing conflict between Hells Angels and the banned gang Loyal To Familia.

The stop-and-search zones have been extended until Monday, October 23rd at 18:00, while the closure of the three Hells Angels clubhouses at Siljangade 10, Copenhagen South, Tømmerup Stationsvej 8B, Kastrup, and Svanevej 5, Copenhagen North, applies until the same day at 19:00.

One stop-and-search zone covers Christiania and a part of Amager, while the other covers parts of Nørrebro and N.

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