Doctor Receives Suspended Sentence for Unauthorized Access to Over 1600 Patient Records

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A 38-Year-Old Doctor Sentenced to 60 Days Suspended Sentence for Unauthorized Access to Over 1600 Patient Records”

In the Glostrup Court, a 38-year-old doctor has been sentenced to a 60-day suspended sentence for accessing over 1600 patient records without authorization.

The doctor was accused of making a substantial number of unauthorized accesses to the Sundhedsplatformen (a health computersystem) between 2017 and 2022, thereby gaining access to highly sensitive information belonging to over 1200 patients.

On Tuesday, the doctor was sentenced for abuse of office and unauthorized use of entrusted access to patients’ health information.

The prosecution had sought to have the doctor’s medical license revoked, but this request was not granted by the Glostrup Court.

-“This is the most extensive case in this field, and what the doctor has done has been tremendously invasive for a large number of victims. With this verdict, they can now find some closure,” stated Senior Prosecutor Caroline Sophia Tarrow.

The doctor accepted the verdict.

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