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Former Hells Angels Member and Convicted Killer Forms New Political Party

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The convicted murderer and former member of Hells Angels MC Denmark, Jørn Jønke Nielsen, has now formed a political party.

The party is named “Stabilt Demokrati” (Stable Democracy.” Among the party’s key political agendas are a desire for peace in Ukraine, opposition to Denmark and NATO support for warring nations, including Ukraine, and resistance to Ukraine’s entry into NATO. The party aims to retain cash payments, reduce inheritance taxes, promote green energy and nuclear power, regulate electronic devices for children and young people, control artificial intelligence, and ban fur farming.

In order to participate in the next parliamentary election (Folketingsvalg), the party needs 20,195 voter declarations. This number corresponds to 1/175 of all valid votes in the last parliamentary election.

Jørn Jønke Nielsen was one of the founders of Hells Angels MC Denmark. In 1984, he shot and killed the president of the rival motorcycle gang Bullshit, Henning Norbert Knudsen, alias “Makrel” (“Mackerel”). After the murder, he fled first to France and then to Canada, using his escape to write an autobiography. He returned to Denmark in 1988 and was sentenced to 16 years in prison for the murder the following year.

The murder of “Makrel” could make it difficult for Jørn Jønke Nielsen to secure a seat in the Folketing (parliament). According to election rules, a person cannot be eligible to be a member of the Folketing if they have been convicted of an act that renders them unworthy of being a member. It is the Folketing itself that determines a person’s eligibility, and this decision occurs only after an election.

In 2021, Jønke was expelled from Hells Angels.

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