Violent Conflict in the Criminal Underworld – Here Are the Parties in the Conflict

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The explosion at the Hells Angels’ clubhouse on Svanevej is being linked by the police to an ongoing conflict between Hell’s Angels and the street gang Loyal To Familia.

Throughout the summer, this conflict has resulted in several violent incidents and shootings, including a shooting at Christiania in late August where a 30-year-old man associated with Hells Angels was killed and four others were injured, including two tourists.

Below, you can read more about who the two parties involved in the conflict are:

Loyal to Familia

The street gang Loyal to Familia (LTF) was founded in 2012 and originated from Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

Members of the gang have been convicted of various types of crimes, including drug trafficking, extortion, aggravated violence, and murder.

In September 2018, LTF was banned, and in January 2020, the gang was dissolved by a judgment in the Copenhagen City Court, which was upheld by the Eastern High Court ten months later and again by the Supreme Court in september 2021.

Before they were banned, members of Loyal to Familia could often be seen wearing, for example, hoodies with the letters “LTF.”

Despite the ban, Loyal To Familia has continued to exist.

Hells Angels MC

Photo: Beatrice Murch (CC BY 2.0)

Hells Angels MC was founded in 1948 in California and steadily grew with chapters first in the USA and later in other countries.

Hells Angels arrived in Denmark on New Year’s Eve 1980/81 when an alliance of motorcycle clubs was admitted as full members after a year as a prospect chapter.

Since then, Hells Angels have been in conflict with the group Bullshit back in the 1980s, where members of both groups were killed. In the mid-1990s, Hells Angels were in conflict with the newly arrived Bandidos MC in what became known as “The Great Nordic Biker War.” Additionally, HA and its support group AK81 have been in conflict with street gangs.

Several members of Hells Angels have been convicted of a wide range of crimes over the years, including drug offenses, weapons charges, violence, and murder.

Hells Angels MC Denmark currently has 12 chapters. Six of these chapters are located in or around Copenhagen and the capital region.

Members of Hells Angels are often seen wearing vests with the Hells Angel back patch featuring the well-known winged skull.

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