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The number of unemployed remains largely unchanged

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In July 2023, there were 83,500 unemployed individuals. This is 600 more than the previous month, corresponding to an increase in the number of unemployed by 0.7 percent. The unemployment rate as a percentage of the workforce remains at 2.8 percent.

Minister of Employment, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, says:

-“Once again in July, we see that unemployment is roughly unchanged. The number of unemployed has remained at a low level since the beginning of the year, which benefits us all.”

-“Along with low unemployment comes a shortage of labor in both the private and public sectors. Employees in eldercare, the cleaning industry, hotels, restaurants, and many other places are calling for more colleagues to handle the tasks”

-“For the sake of individuals and society, more people need to be part of the working community. We will introduce a work obligation for individuals with integration needs, so more can engage with the Danish work community. We are focused on upgrading the skills of the unemployed for industries lacking workers, and we will improve the framework for a more inclusive labor market, making room for individuals with limited work capacity as well”, says the Minister.

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