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The speed is being lowered in two districts of Copenhagen

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Starting today, the speed limit has been reduced to a maximum of 40 km/h in several zones in Valby and Vanløse.

-“I’m pleased that we are now lowering the speeds in the initial areas. It will make traffic safer and reduce the number of serious accidents. This will particularly benefit pedestrians and cyclists, who are the most vulnerable in traffic. Additionally, it will lead to less noise, air pollution, and reduced CO2 emissions as more people choose alternatives to cars,” says Line Barfod, the Technical and Environmental Mayor of Copenhagen.

These two districts are the first to have their speeds reduced by 10 km/h as a result of a decision made by the City Council last year with a very broad political majority. Next, speed limits will be lowered in Brønshøj-Husum, Bispebjerg, and on Amager, before the focus shifts to the inner bridge neighborhoods and the City Center, where speeds in most areas will be reduced to 30 km/h.

-“I hope that the residents of Copenhagen and the many visitors will welcome the first of the new 40 km/h zones, which will be expanded to cover most of Copenhagen in the coming years,” says Line Barfod.

Only the major traffic arteries will be exempt from the new speed limits in Copenhagen, where the speed limit will be 50 km/h when fully implemented throughout the city by 2025.”

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