Foto: Kim Matthai Leland.

Al-Qaeda Calls for Retaliation over Quran Burnings, Danish Intelligence Agencies Respond

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The terrorist organization al-Qaeda calls for revenge against Denmark and Sweden as a result of the recent Quran burnings.

This has prompted the two Danish intelligence agencies, the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) and the Danish Defence Intelligence Service (FE), to issue a joint statement about the situation.

In the statement, it reads:

“The recent Quran burnings in Denmark have attracted significant negative attention from, among others, militant Islamists. This affects the threat level in Denmark and the threat against Danish interests abroad.

This type of terrorist propaganda can inspire individuals or groups to plan and carry out violent actions. The Danish intelligence agencies take this very seriously and are closely monitoring the situation. Although the terrorist threat against Denmark remains at the “severe” level, which is level four out of five, PET assesses that the recent events have intensified the threat within this level.

FE and PET are monitoring the situation’s development and assessing its impact on the overall threat picture. Based on these assessments, PET is taking necessary security measures in cooperation with relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the security of Danish embassies abroad. We do not comment on the details of these measures.”

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