65-Year-Old Man Arrested for Wife’s Murder Pleads Guilty to Fatal Assault

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A 65-year-old man, who was arrested on Saturday for the murder of his wife, pleads guilty to violence resulting in death.

This is reported by bt.dk.

The police responded Saturday afternoon to an apartment on Strandpromenaden in Helsingør, where a woman was found killed.

The 65-year-old was presented in absentia at the preliminary hearing due to injuries preventing his presence following his arrest.

On Thursday, the man was able to appear in court, and according to bt.dk, the 65-year-old’s lawyer stated that the man pleads guilty under Section 246 of the Criminal Code, which concerns violence resulting in death.

Ekstrabladet.dk had previously reported that the woman was beaten with a dumbbell and stabbed multiple times with a knife.

During today’s meeting at the court in Lyngby, the judge decided to extend the 65-year-old’s pre-trial detention until August 16. The detention will take place in a closed psychiatric ward, reports bt.dk.

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