Risk of Suffocation: Baby Nest Cushions Recalled

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The company Contrast Company is recalling five baby nest cushions due to the risk of suffocation for the child.

The models affected are in the colors off-white with print, bordeaux, and navy. They are marked with an order number located near the zipper on the mattress. The affected baby nests are from Salling ØKO and PetitLux, with the following order numbers: 55475, 54145, 54150, 54144, and 54151.

The order number can be found near the zipper on the mattress.

The recall is necessary because there is a risk of the child getting entangled in long cords at one end of the baby nest, which could lead to suffocation. There is also a risk of the child’s breathing being obstructed if they roll onto their side and their mouth and nose get trapped in a gap between the mattress and the sides.

The products have been sold in the stores Bilka, Føtex, and Ønskebørn, as well as on the websites foetex.dk, bilka.dk, and br.dk.

If you have purchased one of these baby nests, you can choose to return it to the retailer where it was purchased or dispose of it, according to Contrast Company’s announcement.

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