Lizette Risgaard.Photo: Jesper Ludvigsen.

Lizette Risgaard resigns after inappropriately behavior

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Lizette Risgaard resigns from the chairmanship of Danish Trade Union Confederation, FH.

She announces this herself on her Facebook profile, calling it “one of the hardest decisions of my life.”

Her decision comes in the wake of revelations in Ekstra Bladet and Berlingske that she has behaved inappropriately and transgressively towards several male employees.

On Friday morning, FH’s executive committee held a crisis meeting, where it was decided that Lizette Risgaard would continue as chairman while a legal investigation was launched. Subsequently, several unions withdrew their support for Lizette Risgaard, and later on Friday, the FH chairman chose to go on leave.

As a consequence of several trade unions withdrawing their support, there was another crisis meeting in FH on Saturday, but nothing came of it.

On Sunday morning, Lizette Risgaard announced on Facebook that she is stepping down as chairman. However, she is clearly not satisfied with the course of the cases against her, she writes on Facebook:

“I have apologized and offered an unreserved apology to everyone who has felt that their personal boundaries have been crossed. I stand by that! But I also believe that cases like these should always be dealt with thoroughly and objectively – regardless of who the case is about or what the case is about. Not make a quick verdict based on newspaper reports, rumors or public sentiment on social media.”


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