Photo: Kim Matthai Leland.

Police seized four cars

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On Friday afternoon, police seized four cars in connection with a spontaneous car rally in an area of the business school in Køge.

The traffic police were on the scene and here the officers were able to establish that the cars had been illegally manipulated.

In addition, there were a further six cases where the exhaust emissions of the cars had been changed and, among other things, had mufflers removed. In addition to a fine, the owners will also receive a summons for an extraordinary inspection of the cars.

Police said they also cut the number slots on one car because no taxes had been paid and five cars were targeted for speeding in the urban zone. Four of them face a cut in the driver’s license and one faces a conditional disqualification.

On the motorway near Køge, the traffic police also measured four more cars for speeding – two of them to the point where they stand for a cut in their driver’s license. One of the cars was measured at 151 km/h and another was written to overtake the right and into the emergency lane.

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