Lars Løkke Rasmussen – Photo: Kristoffer Jonsson/Udenrigsministeriet

Danish foreign minister announces new policy strategy

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Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (Moderaterne) announces a new foreign and security policy strategy.

So writes

According to the media, three points will be central to the government’s new strategy, which must be ready before the summer holidays.

It is about continued support for Ukraine’s security, a support that Danes must be prepared for will last for many years.

Then countries such as Georgia and Moldova must be helped to move closer to membership of the European Union.

And then Lars Løkke Rasmussen will focus on the fact that the West is losing ground to countries such as China and Russia, and therefore part of the strategy is to increase its presence in Africa among others with equal partnerships.

Lars Løkke Rasmussen became foreign minister when his party, Moderaterne, together with Venstre and Socialdemoktaterne formed the government after the election to the danish parlament Folketing  in November last year.

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