Photo: Thomas Tolstrup / Rigspolitiet.

Police focusing on alcohol and drug driving

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This week, the police have extra focus on alcohol and drug driving in connection with Easter.

For many people, Easter is a holiday where you meet in a festive layer and where spirits are often consumed.

The police urge that you agree in advance who will drive the car home after the festivities, or that you take a taxi or bus home. Drink-driving continues to pose a serious danger to road users. Despite the fact that driving under the influence has become less accepted, one in five fatal accidents still has a drink impaired driver. There is approximately ten times higher risk of serious injury as a driver if you are slightly under the influence of alcohol, and the risk increases explosively with increasing blood alcohol levels.

Danish National Police (Rigspolitiet) informs that the majority of the country’s police districts participate in Easter’s control, which runs until and including Easter Sunday, Monday 10 April.


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