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Man convicted: Abused girl from she was six to 17

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A 45-year-old South American man has been convicted of sexually abusing a girl from the age of six until she was 17.

The abuse happened from 2012 to 2021.

The girl, who was the daughter of close acquaintances of the defendant, initially came to him together with other children for a play date. The abuse included indecency until about the age of 8, after which it moved to other sexual relations and intercourse. In recent years, other illegal coercion has been used through the threat of revealing films and photographs of the conditions and the threat of being misused by hackers with knowledge of the films.

The man was sentenced on Monday at a jury trial at the Court in Sønderborg. Here he was sentenced to eight years in prison and deported permanently. The injured party was awarded DKK 200,000 in tort compensation.

The now convicted person has been arrested and remanded in custody since December 2021 and is still in prison after the sentence.

The 45-year-old has pleaded not guilty during the case and has appealed the verdict to the High Court Vestre Landsret.

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