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91 per cent of the population have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19

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Nine out of ten citizens aged 18 or over have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 per 1 January 2023. But vaccine acceptance varies across municipalities, age, education level, employment and origin, shows new analysis from Statistics Denmark (Danmarks Statistik).

The analysis shows that if you have a long education on your CV, an address in Allerød and are older, then the odds that you have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are higher than otherwise.

A total of 91 per cent of the population aged at least 18 accepted the COVID-19 vaccine. Among people over 60, over 97 per cent vaccinated, while this applies to 84 per cent. of the 18-39-year-olds.

Divided according to where people live, most people are vaccinated in Allerød and Skanderborg municipalities, where 95 per cent. have received two COVID-19 vaccines. In Ishøj municipality, the vaccination rate is 81 per cent. lowest. Then follows Brøndby Municipality with 83 per cent, and Albertslund and Høje-Taastrup with respectively 85 per cent every.

-“The analysis shows that people with primary school as the highest completed education are less vaccinated than other education groups. The same applies to immigrants,” says Magnus Nørtoft, Danmarks Statistik.

The analysis is based on data from the Danish Vaccination Register, which is now available to researchers via Statistics Denmark’s research service.

Less than half of 5-11-year-olds are vaccinated

40 per cent of 5-11-year-old children are vaccinated. If we zoom in more on age, you find the most vaccinated among 11-year-olds with 57 per cent. The lowest proportion is among 5-year-olds with 22 per cent. Here the vaccination rate is again lowest in Ishøj and Brøndby municipalities with 20 per cent. and highest in Samsø Municipality with 53 per cent.

Vaccine compliance is lower among children whose parents have primary school as the highest completed education and among those whose mothers are under 30 years of age.

Children were offered the vaccine as the last target group from November 2021 to February 2022.

People who have received two vaccine injections or one injection with the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson are considered fully vaccinated. Data cover those vaccinated in Denmark and persons who have registered their vaccine abroad in the Danish Vaccination Register.

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