Photo: Kresten Hartvig Klit (CC BY-SA 3.0)

High-rise buildings at Bellahøj to be evacuated before storm

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The residents of several of the high-rise buildings at Bellahøj are beoing evacuated before storm “Otto” hits Friday.

The residents of Ved Bellahøj Syd 23, 24-26 and 28 have been notified to be out of their homes by 6 p.m. There will be buses that take residents to a hotel where they can stay during the evacuation.

The Bellahøj houses were built in the 1950s as the first high-rise buildings in Denmark. Construction defects have since been found that make some of the high-rise buildings unable to withstand high wind loads. In 2021, the housing association decided that residents will be evacuated when the wind becomes too strong. The residents of the affected properties must be rehoused by June 30 next year.

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