Noma in 2014. Photo: Håkan Dahlström Photography (CC BY 2.0)

Noma will close at the end of 2024

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One of the worlds best restaurants, Noma in Copenhagen, will close as we know it at the end of 2024.

On it’s the restaurants website chef and co-owner René Redzepi states:

“Winter 2024 will be the last season of noma as we know it. We are beginning a new chapter; noma 3.0.

In 2025, our restaurant is transforming into a giant lab—a pioneering test kitchen dedicated to the work of food innovation and the development of new flavors, one that will share the fruits of our efforts more widely than ever before.”

Redzepi also states, that they wil “search for new ways to share our work” and there could be “a Noma pop-up” and that they will do a season i Copenhagen.

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