Niels Peder Ravn. Photo: Københavns Kommune.

Leaving Nye Borgerlige for De Konservative

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Member of the City Council Niels Peder Ravn has left Nye Borgerlige and joined Det Konservative Folkeparti.

On Facebook Niels Peder Ravn states:

“Nye Borgerlige and Det Konservative Folkeparti spring from the same ideological thinking. That is why my opinions are the same today as they were yesterday. I am a conservative to my bones, and that is why I joined Nye Borgerlige just over three years ago. Along the way, however, it has become clear to me — not least from a metropolitan point of view — that Det Konservartive Folkeparti is the place where I can best work for nonsocialist Copenhagen.”

With the resignation, Nye Borgerlige has lost their only member of the Copenhagen City Council.

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