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Guilty of attempted terrorism: 35-year-old sentenced to 16 years in prison

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A 35-year-old man with Syrian citizenship has been sentenced to 16 years in prison in a terror case from Holbæk. The man’s wife and his brother were also convicted in the case.

In early February 2021, the police raided several addresses in Holbæk in a major operation aimed at terrorism. In this connection, the police found a submachine gun, a pump gun and a hunting rifle, as well as a large number of live rounds for the weapons. In addition, 12 kg of chemicals were found that could be used to produce a so-called pyrotechnic rate. Several bomb manuals and homemade detonators were also found, as well as propaganda material from the Islamic State, among others.

The Court found the 35-year-old guilty of attempted terrorism by manslaughter and bomb blast, terrorist financing and promotion of terrorism. On Tuesday he was sentenced to 16 years in prison and deportation from Denmark for good. The man’s 31-year-old wife and his two years older brother were acquitted of aiding and abetting attempted terrorism, but were found guilty of providing financial support by transferring money to his wife’s brother, who was affiliated with the Islamic State and fought as a fighter in Iraq and Syria. The wife was sentenced to 9 months in prison, while the brother was sentenced to 6 months in prison, as well as deportation from Denmark with an entry ban for 6 years.

The case has been heard by jury at the Court in Holbæk at 26 hearings from August to December. The three defendants have pleaded not guilty during the trial.

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