Denmark donates DKK 300 million to Ukraine arms fund

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The Danish government and the parties in the Folketing have decided to donate an additional DKK 300 million kroner to a fund responsible for the purchase of weapons and equipment for Ukraine.

The funds come from the Ministry of Defence’s reserve and are donated to the British foundation, the International Fund for Ukraine (IFU).

-“Ukraine’s fight for freedom is also our and Europe’s fight for freedom. That is why the government, together with the parties in the Danish Parliament, has decided to donate an additional DKK 300 million to Ukraine. The government will continue Denmark’s support for the Ukrainians both financially, militarily and humanitarianly,” says Defense Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

-“On Monday, I had the honor of meeting President Zelenskyj virtually, where he emphasized the continued need for support from the outside world. That is why I am happy that Denmark can contribute another large donation to Ukraine’s freedom struggle,” says Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

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